Jacob Nizri has been actively involved in the digital media industry for the past 15 years, in both executive and entrepreneurial roles.

He formed WeEndeavor Media Group in 2015 as a central management team to navigate the group’s various entities in which Mr. Nizri has equity or board duties. WeEndeavor is a team composing top veteran professionals who serve daily as active, hands-on board member and consultants. The companies overseen by the group span the globe and include: Brightcom (formerly named Ybrant Digital), Positive Mobile, MindAd, VidClub and Literally Media.

In addition, Mr. Nizri, acts as an investor and mentor to several high-tech start-ups, mostly in the online space. As co-founder and board member, he’s been part of Dau-Up, a marketing powerhouse for gaming companies that was acquired by XLmedia (on the London Stock Exchange) in 2014, and a board member at eXelate that was acquired by Nielsen.